Sunday, October 16, 2011

Display-Off: Orange You Glad I'm Gonna Win?

Here's my submission for Ashley's and Kaari's Display Off. I call it '7 Pumpkins'. I feel kinda bad for everyone else . . . seeing as I'm gonna win and it only took me ten minutes to come up with this gem. Look at it! It's got two pièces de résistance inside another pièce de résistance.

'7 Pumpkins'

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Amendment to My Blog: Free Comments.

This blog will heretofore be a free-comment blog. (Based on past history it will likely be a comment-free blog too.)

Ashley just did a post about her 'display-off' with Kaari. But she's not letting anyone (me) give their opinions (Ashley's display rocks!) for fear of conflict with Kaari (hack). I say, let the best display win! So if you too have been silenced, please leave your comments and votes here without fear of censorship (unless I don't happen to like what you say).